Where the martial art spirit
Completes you body and life

9832 Liberia Ave, Manassas, VA 20110


Why Mt. Kim Martial Art

First Tae Kwon Do School

Since 1973, almost 40 years Mt Kim Marital arts has provided superior traditional martial arts at all of our locations.

  • Who has more experience and teaches traditional martial arts?

Our Curriculums

Other martial arts schools will not teach all aspects just to make it easy. We provide the most comprehensive training to all of our students.

  • Why would you pay the same tuition and only learn half of the curriculum?

Modern Facility

Our studio is over 3000 sq/ft, 1.5 inch judo certified floor padding, air purifiers, a surveillance system and spacious transportation for staff/students.

  • When can you experience the difference?

First Class Staffs

For over 28 years, Master Jeon studied several forms of martial arts. He has been teaching for over 15 years, demonstrated and competed in over 100 martial arts events, and And HE teaches every class.

  • Who teaches your child's class?